Welcome to NV Rewards!

At Nina Valentina we believe that CARING FOR YOUR OWN SELF IS A DEVOIR.

That's why NVRewards program has been created for our loyal customers like YOU, who deserve enjoyable shopping experience full of rewards.
Here is what we mean:
Earn points towards each order for an exclusive rewards! Reedem your rewards for discounts 
Here is what we proffer:
1. Sign up - 15 points
2. Place an order - 1 points for each $1 spent
3. Celebrate a Birthday - 20 points
4. Follow on Instagram - 5 points
5. Refer a friend - $5 Off coupon for you, $5 Off coupon for your friend
So, why wait? Simply create an account on our website, join our NVRewards program and start earning points today to unlock a world of exclusive benefits and discounts.